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 "I've been to a few chiropractors but none have been as thorough and comprehensive as Dr. Schoolhouse. From the beginning of the appointment, he made me feel comfortable and dedicated to relieving my back pain. My job is very physical and I require monthly visits to massage therapists and chiropractors. Not only did this visit make me feel much better but Dr Schoolhouse prescribed me daily exercises that have relieved so much tension in my back between visits. Can't thank him enough for doing such a great job."
-Jelson Y.
"When Dr. Schoolhouse promptly returned my call I briefly explained to him my symptoms and the urgency to see him the same day. He told me over the phone he knew exactly what was going on.  The pain had become so bad I could not sleep and I was yearning for some painless sleep.  He offered me an appointment time and I felt as though I couldn't wait even the 2 hours for my appointment and I told him I wanted to come in 30 minutes.  He obliged to my persistent urgency and was early for my appointment.  I've been to a chiropractor before and when I compare Dr. Schoolhouse to my experience I must say there IS NO COMPARISON.  
Dr. Schoolhouse concerns himself with all your aches from head to toe to make sure he can solve all of your problems.  You don't feel rushed at all. Within 15 minutes of him working on me he released the pressure that was causing my headache.  I have had 2 followup appointments since and  I'm feeling 100% better. His office is very comfortable and decorated well.  You don't feel like you're stuffed in a doctors office.  It's really a nice change of pace."
-Barbara W.


I was in so much pain when I came into the office of Dr. Blair, I felt like I was at my wits end regarding my recent shoulder and arm issues. The pain subsided as soon as he finished his treatment, and I am so grateful to be relieved of that pain. Now I can get back to my active lifestyle which I could not do before. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. BLAIR!-Trudi S.
One visit is all it took to get me back on my feet. Knowledgeable , professional and honest.-Angel G.
Highly recommend Blair Schoolhouse.  Great little bungalow office, was able to fit me in right away, assessment was thorough, he really took the time to get to know my back history,  focused on soft tissue and instinctively knew where the causes originated.  I left thinking, 'this guy is good at what he does'.-Richard H.


I started feeling a sharp pain in my lower back recently so I decided to look for a local chiropractor.  I had this pain once before and going to my family doctor did not help at all until after multiple visits I received muscle relaxers.This time around I wanted to go for more of a holistic approach and was referred to Dr. Schoolhouse.  I was pleasantly surprised that after one visit, the pain seems to dissipate.  The actual treatment was somewhat painful as he worked out some of the muscles that were causing the pain but at the end it was all worth it.The office is nice and homey (just look for the orange door).  
There is also another chiropractor in the same lot so look for the Form and Function sign on the door.  Parking was relatively easy as its on a big street but you can also park at the lot next to the office.Dr. schoolhouse was also very attentive and had a relaxing demeanor.  I didn't feel rushed the way i do when i visit a regular doctor.  I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a chiropractor on the westside.-Christie K.





Schoolhouse Chiropractic Inc. has been recognized as one of the Top Culver City, CA Chiropractic Offices in 2015.

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