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How prolong sitting is considered the new smoking

It seems that more and more people are quitting smoking, seeing that the adverse effects of this pointless unhealthy habit has no merit in today's society. However, certain other detrimental behaviors are replacing smoking, no more other than sedentary behavior. Day after day, many American workers are confined to their work station sitting for prolonged hours that can range from anywhere between 8 to 12 hours a day sitting in one spot with few breaks throughout the day.

From this, we are seeing more and more incidents of low back injuries that stem from early onset of vertebral disc disease and/or disc herniations in otherwise healthy individuals with no prior forms of low back trauma.

So where does this leave us going forward? As of now, more and more businesses around the world are acknowledging this health issue, and are using other forms of work ergonomics, such as stand alone computer work stations that can help alleviate future bouts of low back pain. Companies, such as Google, are allowing more alternative work environments, which allow their workers to have a more enjoyable experience at work. These environments include more breaks from sitting and more interactions with workers in casual settings that resemble an adult version of a community clubhouse.

These few alternatives show that employers are trying to remodel the old fashion way of the grueling 9-5-work life, and providing more options than ever before to make a worker a happy worker in the end.

If you have any questions regarding making your workstation work for you, call Dr. Blair Schoolhouse DC for suggestions.

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