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The Runner's Highs and Lows


Running is a great form of exercise, and seeing that is the most convenient form of cardio aerobic exercise around it makes it the most popular when it comes down to physical activity. However, running can have it share of both positives as well as its negatives. The negatives include symptoms of shin splints and/or runner's knees as consequence of running on uneven surfaces.

Running, as basic as it may seem, is a very stressful form of physical activity. Your joints are made to move, but without proper stability to these joints, more specifically the knee joints, then other surrounding bodily structures suffer because of this. Ligaments, tendons, and many other muscles are subjected to this stress. As a result, many runners cannot handle it and usually are worse off because of it.

So what is an active person to do when situations like this arise? Like any form of physical activity, one must properly train the right way to combat the stresses of the activity. All of these symptoms can be alleviated through with preventive measures like dynamic stretching and/or proper orthopedic foot supports. Whether you are a runner, swimmer, or cyclist cardio activity over a period of time can lead towards damaging results seen with joint degeneration if not train for that specific activity ahead of time.

If you have any questions regarding sports specific training, please contact the office of Schoolhouse Chiropractic

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