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It takes a hunch...

Do rounded shoulders leading to a hunched slouched appearance ring a bell? Before you answer with anything that has to do with a certain someone who rings a bell at world famous French cathedral, read on. These symptoms once associated with things you would expect from someone working at a physically demanding job like a factory or farm worker are now becoming the norm at our spatial offices around the country.

It is troubling sight, seeing that these types of symptoms associated with the condition of upper cross syndrome, are now taking a toll of otherwise healthy individuals without any prior physical trauma everyday. More and more patients of this condition seem to worsen, as they get older. Seeing that their job requires long days sedentary habits such as sitting behind a desk that is not ergomically sound, it is only a matter of time that they will see signs of disk degeneration as well as possible complications of referral radicular pain related to tight muscles surrounding the neck and shoulders.

As end result from this, we are seeing more and more people utilizing over the counter NSAID's to combat these symptoms without treating the symptoms as a whole.

As a health practioner, I instruct my patients to deconstruct their pain into simple x's and why's. X's are you symptoms, but WHY are you having the symptoms in the first place is the bigger issue regarding your pain. These symptoms can be resolved by looking at the bigger picture when a person’s pain starts over again. This sort of pain cycle could be resolved by either stretches and/or exercises that can strengthen muscles that might otherwise be weak, which could be causing this pain.

If you think you are experiencing these symptoms, don't hesitate to call Dr. Blair Schoolhouse DC at his offices so that he can help ergomically fix your workstation and/or give you tips towards off setting the complications of Upper Cross Syndrome.

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