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Keeping the engines running

The human body is considered one of the most significant pieces of biomechanical engineering ever created. It has been copied and modeled into other forms of machinery, none so much so similar than the car. Cars have fluids to move certain parts such as pistons of an engine; we have fluids like water that move our body's joints. Cars have gears to transition through different speeds, as well as our body's muscles to transition through our day to day environments. To analyze this concept even further, if a car is stuck in a particular gear for too long then it would likely be an uncomfortable ride to wherever our destination might be. So would be the case in a similar concept of a joint subluxation.

When a vertebral subluxation occurs, it is much similar to almost being physiological stuck in a particular gear for too long. Things start to happen as a result of this situation such as muscular soreness, inflammation, and overall loss of function in a particular joint segment. The term "dysfunction" is universal, but ultimately when under further analysis it means that there is neurological miscommunication causing this. From this the soft tissue surrounding the joint subluxation can start to be affected as well, causing loss of range of motion with pain=DYSFUNCTION.

Usually we can't control when we have these moments listed above, but when we do we can offset this from ever happening in forms of preventive maintenance care and/or a tune up. Just like your car, your body needs to have its fluids maintained and gears (joints) adjusted when situations before situations like this arise.

If you have any questions regarding preventive maintenance care regarding your body, contact the offices of Dr. Blair Schoolhouse DC.

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