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The tunnel that leads to nowhere....

So you might of heard that we are own worst enemies when it comes down to certain things that happen to us each day. When this thing is the body’s response to pain, then sometimes we don't know when to say enough is enough. This type of stubborn behavior makes life a very uncomfortable experience, which brings us back to work ergonomics. Working a 9-5 job behind a desk could ultimately be our worst enemy when it comes down to combating symptoms of upper cross and carpal tunnel syndromes.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a contributing factor towards many people having their work performance suffer during the course of the workday. This results into unnecessary consumption of NSAID’s and/or perhaps future surgical implications to release the median nerve, which can lead towards possible damaging neurological effects afterwards.

When it comes down to it, neurological signals like pain sensation is our body telling us that something is wrong and we have to address it soon. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be addressed by taking advantage of healthier alternatives such as altering our workstations with more efficient ways of working. This can come from utilizing a cordless mouse to a variety of different wrist braces that support the wrist joint while typing from interfering with compression of the median nerve.

There are other options towards managing the pain, such as simple wrist flexor and extensor stretching exercises. These stretching exercises can promote lengthening the muscles that at times get tight, thereby compressing on a portion of the median nerve causing radicular like pain symptoms.

Once again, at times we can be our own worst enemy when combating pain, it us up to us to adjust that mindset going forward.

If you have any questions relating to work ergonomics and/or combating pain symptoms that relate to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome please call the office of Dr. Blair Schoolhouse DC.

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