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The Weekend Warrior Mindset

The Weekend Warrior Mindset

The concept of No pain No gain, has always been the statement for many people when challenging themselves into a new athletic activity or competition. Training for strenuous events like triathlons are becoming the norm, and more cross fit studios are springing up throughout the country bringing in new members. While this maybe creating a new way of training outside the traditional formats of gyms, it is also allowing untrained individuals to be succumbed to new injuries that they might not be prepared for.

These injuries can vary and could debilitate your well rounded athlete for a brief period of time, but what it can do to your beginner to novice "Weekend Warrior" can potentially be devastating.

Joints that do not provide the stability for high intense training, can be put into situations that can create prolong ligamentous damage as well as extreme muscular tearing in conjunction with the increased bouts of biomechanical stress.

As a sports medical professional, I stress the importance of joint stability before mobility before starting any new sporting activity. Form and function should be taught and maintained while treating athletes as well as your “Noobie.” This can be illustrated as instruction on proper shoulder mechanics to preventative therapeutic treatment to avoid potential injuries that can take place on the athletic fields.

If you have any questions that you might have in regards of proper training for sporting activities like Triathlons, contact the offices of Dr. Blair Schoolhouse.

Dr. Blair Schoolhouse DC, has been training triathletes the proper mechanics of swimming long distances, and currently serves a masters swim coach to the largest swim masters organization in the country, SCAQ.

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