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37 is the new 87

According to recent health studies, over 82 percent of people will experience at one time in their life some form of lower back pain. This number is considerably high, seeing that more and more people are experiencing this pain at a younger age than ever before. It was not too long ago, that individuals who were in their mid-thirties never had to worry about any physical health related issues, thus limiting their role towards seeking preventable healthcare.

With this mindset and less encouraging workplace ergonomics, back pain related issues have become a major contributor factor recently towards missed days at work and/or decreased workplace production. As a chiropractor, I have seen back pain come in many forms at my practice, varying between muscular origins to more complicated cases as disc herniations. However, eliminating any forms of sedentary lifestyles can prevent most of these lower back pain incidents. This includes sitting for long periods of time while at work and/or at home, which can build up towards lower back pain symptoms that could potentially be irreversible.

Some these bad postural habits have now included the upper back and neck regions, which is called Upper Cross Syndrome. Symptoms include cervical pain related to headaches and/or shoulder pain that can refer down the upper extremities.

All in all, it is pretty safe to say that we are own worst enemies when it comes down towards eliminating preventable issues such as lower back pain. Borrowing unforeseeable trauma, we can break this vicious cycle with better postural habits at work as well as including regular core related exercises such as yoga or swimming.

If you any questions, relating to treating lower back pain issues give us a call at Schoolhouse Chiropractic, Inc.

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