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DOM, DOM, DOM, DOM, DOMS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness is a condition that many of my patients suffer from. Whether it might be a hard workout at the gym, or an aggressive soft tissue massage this condition can have lingering effects for someone who is not prepared for the after effects of it. The symptoms of delayed muscle soreness range from muscular inflammation, tightness, and soreness. These symptoms might feel damaging within the first 24 hours after muscular training, but can be prevented with proper active stretching techniques and/or keeping proper hydration levels.

Diet also can be a preventive measure in combating the lingering effects of DOM. Implementing such supplements as Omega 3 fatty acids and/or instituting a diet such as the Mediterranean diet can help decrease forms of muscular inflammation in the future.

So what about the whole concept of "No Pain, No Gain?" There are some shards of truth with this statement. During the repair phase, muscular growth goes into high gear becoming larger and stronger than before hence the soreness. But if this soreness still lingers for days, then it would be in best interests to consult your health care professional to rule in or out any injuries that could be persistent.

In all, we should stress the body every day with exercise but not to the point where we can't get off the exercise mat.

If you have any questions regarding proper exercise protocols for muscular training, contact the offices of Dr. Blair Schoolhouse DC.

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