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In the end we are just bags of water....


When I was an undergraduate student back in college, one of my Biology professors stated that all we are is just a sophisticated bag of water mixed in with a few periodic elements. After hearing this bold statement of existentialism, I had to think about it for a few minutes and came to a conclusion...HE WAS RIGHT! Our bodies are predominately made out of water, and it is essential for everything that we do. For joint lubrication to our own personal cooling center, water is main essential component to keep our bodies maintained under the stresses of the world. When it comes down to muscular injury, I usually tell patients to always use forms of icing and heating as the initial step before going forward with other forms of treatment. Whether it may be forms of muscular inflammation to soreness, our body reacts well through thermo genic reactions. For example, with heat treatment our muscles can expand and loosen up reversing forms of muscular stiffness. In regards of icing treatments, our muscles can eliminate forms of swelling and/or inflammation by constricting these elements out of certain areas to prevent forms of chronic pain.

So getting back to my college professor's initial statement of us being bags of water floating around the world, it might sound funny but it does leave us with a keep us moving we have to properly keep our fluids maintained no matter what.

If you have any questions regarding muscular injuries, contact the offices of Dr. Blair Schoolhouse DC.

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