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Pain...The Greatest Indicator That We Are Alive!

There are plenty of feelings and sensations that keep us aware that we are alive. Feelings of love and sadness definitely keep us aware about what is going on within our lives; however, pain is probably the most distinctive feeling which we can feel and keeps us aware with our environment. Pain tells us whether or not something around us is harmful and will send this stimulus to keep us safe from which causes this unwanted feeling. Although persistent, this stimulus should only be temporarily and anything that goes beyond this should be considered chronic and unnecessary.

Pain is unique and has a variety of different symptoms that represent different causes. For instance, sharp shooting pain could be consistent with acute pain that could be caused by a muscular injury trauma. Shooting pain that refers to different parts of the body could be consistent to neurological pain, which in this case a certain nerve is being compressed sending pain signals to different parts of the body. Pain is specific and that it tells us a story about who we are and what we do to our bodies day and day out.

I usually break pain into simple "X's and Whys". X's are your symptoms, but WHY you are having your symptoms are another thing. Symptoms, if treated specifically early, are usually treatable, but again WHY you are having these symptoms of pain are another thing. Pain can be brought about by trauma, but pain can be an underlying thing until that one thing that finally breaks us like a house of cards. This can come from something simple like bending over to pick up a pen from off the floor, causing us to writhe in pain. Something that simple is a building crescendo of micro-trauma, such as sitting behind a desk for over extensive period of time, that can lead to this.

In conclusion, pain is necessary for our survival in this world, but it is something we should not live with to the very end.

If you have any questions regarding pain management therapy, please contact the offices of Schoolhouse Chiropractic.

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